Technical Tracks

Track 3: Social Networks and Computing (SNC)
Track Co-Chairs:
Kwang-Cheng Chen, (University of South Florida - USA)
Vasileios Karyotis, (Ionian University - Greece)

In recent years, social network research has advanced rapidly in various capacities, owing to explosive mobile smart devices and diverse applications. Social network computing is being combined with artificial intelligence, mobile big data, edge computing, crowdsourcing, blockchain, complex network analysis, etc. This year, at ICCCN, we will continue with the track on Social Networks and Computing and look to bringing together researchers in the area of applying computing to social networks. Our scope will include mobile and socially-aware networks, sensing as part of social networks, big data on social networks, cloud integration of social networks, machine learning solutions for social networks, crowdsourcing applications for social networks, social Internet of vehicles, security, privacy and trust in social networks, social-based routing protocols, novel architectures for social networks, information diffusion in online social networks, mobile edge caching in social networks, and any other relevant areas related to social networking and computing. This track seeks original ideas and submissions and will follow the policies as per the main ICCCN conference policies.

Track Topics:
  • Mobile and socially-aware networks
  • Community detection and community-based collaborative computing
  • Sensing as part of social networks
  • Big data and machine learning solutions for social networks
  • Cloud-based social networks
  • Security, privacy and trust and issues in social networks
  • Novel architectures for social networks
  • Big data analytics for social networks
  • Mobile edge caching and social networks
  • Crowdsourcing applications for social networks
  • Information diffusion in online social networks
  • Social Internet of Things
  • Social Internet of Vehicles
  • Social-based energy harvesting in social networks
  • Social-based resource identification, discovery, and profiling
  • Social-based routing protocols and architectures
  • Socially-inspired computing approaches
  • Malware propagation over online social networks
TPC List:
  • Konstantinos Sotiropoulos, Boston University, USA (
  • Kwang-Cheng Chen, University of South Florida
  • Pin-Yu Chen, IBM Research AI, USA (
  • Sabrina Gaito, University of Milan, Italy (
  • Grigorios Kakkavas, National Technical University of Athens
  • Vasileios Karyotis, Ionian University
  • Nathalie Mitton, INRIA, France (
  • Nikolaos Papadis, Yale University, USA (
  • Fragkiskos Papadopoulos, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus (
  • Konstantin Avrachenkov, INRIA, France (
  • Eleni Stai, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, (