N2Women Young Researcher Fellowship Awards

  • ICCCN 2017 Vancouver, Canada

ICCCN is one of the leading international conferences for presenting novel ideas and fundamental advances in the fields of computer communications and networks. ICCCN serves to foster communication among researchers and practitioners with a common interest in improving communications and networking through scientific and technological innovation. The primary focus of the conference is on new and original research results in the areas of design, implementation, and applications of computer communications and networks.

Keynote Talks/Speakers:

(Mon, July 31, 2017):
Research Challenges and Solutions for IOT/CPS,
Prof. John A. Stankovic, Department of Computer Science,
University of Virginia

(Tue, Aug. 1, 2017):
Protecting Web sites from the Internet of Compromised Things,
Prof. Bruce Maggs, Department of Computer Science, Duke University,
Vice President, Research, Akamai Technologies

(Wed, Aug. 2, 2017):
Telecom policy: competition, spectrum, access and technology transitions,
Prof. Henning Schulzrinne, Department of Computer Science,
Columbia University & Chief Technology Officer, FCC

ICCCN 2017 is Technically Co-Sponsored by the IEEE Communication Society

Industry Sponsor : Huawei Technologies Co.