International Conference on Computer Communication Networks

ICCCN 2010

Zurich, Switzerland

August 2–5, 2010

ICCCN 2010 – Track on Wireless Networks and Emerging Technologies (WNET)

While traditional wireless networks have continued to attract the attention of scientific community and begun transition to the real-world usage and commercialization, innovative networks and paradigms have been emerging. For instance, the rapid proliferation of smart phones have made personal sensor networks a fertile area for new research, where sensors deployed on and around human body are used for monitoring physical, physiological, psychological, and social states of an individual.

The WNET track solicits high-quality original research contributions that demonstrably advance the state-of-the-art and are likely to inspire the scientific or practicing wireless community. Interdisciplinary research that borrows from or directly contributes to advances in other disciplines via potentially reusable innovations in computing is especially encouraged.

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