ICCCN 2009 – Track on Network Architecture and Protocols (NAP)

Communication networks are constantly evolving, new research areas emerge and the scope of communication networks research is constantly expanding. However, at the very core of any communication system sit the issues of network architecture and streamlined, optimised and efficient communication protocols. The roles and operational conditions of these key aspects keep adapting to the emergence of new operational environments and access systems.

This track solicits high quality and previously unpublished papers on the core issues of communication protocols and network architecture. We solicit two types of papers in this track. First, REGULAR papers with mature research results on specific topics. These papers should follow the conference formatting guidelines and page length. Second, POSITION papers, clearly labeled as such in the title, which will be evaluated separately by the TPC on the basis of solid argumentation and discussion of novel and emerging architectural solutions and paradigms as well as novel ways of using existing technologies.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions and to constructing an interesting and thought provoking program for this track.

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