ICCCN 2009 – Track on Emerging Wireless Technologies and Platforms (EWTP)

The first decade in 21st century has witnessed continuous evolution of wireless communication technology, noticeably through its application to high data rate cellular networks, high definition multimedia broadcast, broadband local and near-field wireless access etc. New breakthrough technologies and communications concepts continue to emerge across a wide range of different disciplines.  Incorporating these new ideas and technologies into a harmonised communications system requires further large scale ingenuity and research effort.

This track provides researchers, industry professionals and academics, across the world, a forum to present and discuss their latest advances in the area of wireless communication systems and applications. The goal of this track is to: propose novel concepts for wireless networks and applications, promote breakthroughs in individual disciplines and explore their integration into system design, share experiences of field trials of prototype networks, and present results of performance evaluation from analysis and/or simulation of emerging wireless network and applications.

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