ICCCN 2008

ICCCN 2008 Conference Best Paper Candidates
(in no particular order)

1. Inter-Domain Routing Scalability in Optical DWDM Networks
Qing Liu (University of New Mexico, USA); Chongyang Xie (University of New Mexico, USA); Tannous Frangieh (University of New Mexico, USA); Nasir Ghani (University of New Mexico, USA); Ashwin Gumaste (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay/Massachusetts Institute of Technology, India); Nageswara Rao (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA); Tom Lehman (University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute, USA)

2. On Virtualizing Ethernet Switches
Mark McGinley (University of Virginia, USA); Tao Li (University of Virginia, USA); Malathi Veeraraghavan (University of Virginia, USA)

3. Publish/Subscribe Service in CAN-based P2P Networks: Dimension Mismatch and The Random Projection Approach
Duc Tran (UMass Boston, USA); Thinh Nguyen (Oregon State University, USA)

4. A Novel Anti-Collision Protocol for Energy Efficient Identification and Monitoring in RFID-Enhanced WSNs
Dheeraj Klair (University of Wollongong, Australia); Kwan-Wu Chin (University of Wollongong, Australia)

5. Fair Randomized Antenna Allocation in Asynchronous MIMO Multi-hop Networks
Ahmed Khattab (Rice University, USA); Ashutosh Sabharwal (Rice University, USA); Edward Knightly (Rice University, USA)

6. Bandwidth Consumption Control and Service Differentiation for Video Streaming
Can Basaran (SUNY Binghamton, USA); Kyoung-Don Kang (State University of New York, Binghamton, USA, USA); Mehmet Suzer (SUNY Binghamton, USA); Kisook Chung (ETRI, Korea); Hae-Ryong Lee (ETRI, Korea); Kwang-Roh Park (ETRI, Korea)

7. Control Message Reduction Techniques in Backward Learning Ad Hoc Routing Protocols
Navodaya Garepalli (State University of new York at Binghamton, USA); Kartik Gopalan (State University of New York at Binghamton, USA); Ping Yang (Binghamton University, USA)